Aug 24

When he saw the crowds, he had compassion on them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd.  Matt 9:36

“…they were harassed and helpless…” We have all been there; many of us are there today. Really, it only takes a cursory look at today’s headlines and we know the whole world is harassed and helpless. Even those of us who have Christ struggle with a certain level of helplessness and powerlessness. How many times during the course of the day do we get frustrated (a mild form of anger) because our plans are ‘not unfolding as they should?’ Many of us suffer from what Serenity Seekers’ refer to as the ‘broken brain syndrome.’ Our brains don’t seem to function as normal person’s do and thus we find ourselves more easily frustrated than others. That frustration spills into the lives of the people around us and the harassment and helplessness spreads.

The Good News of Matthew 9:36 informs us the Jesus knows all about that and cares about our situation as the Good Shepherd He surely is. We simply need to be faithful sheep and stay in the safety of the sheep pen with the rest of the faithful sheep. When we look around at the other sheep and see them living in safety and serenity, it helps to ease our distress and we find ourselves being comforted by their presence in the company of Jesus.

In Service to God and Country,

Chaplain Pete

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